A Foster Story

A Foster Story

Loving Families like the Warwas are Making an Impact

The Donut Dash helps children and families in the foster care system right here in our community! With hundreds of children from Gwinnett County in foster care, loving foster families are needed now more than ever; families like the Warawas. Shane and Jennifer Warawa, Gwinnett County residents, have fostered 10 children through Wellroot since 2014, and they’ve grown to realize the huge need for foster parents to care for teenagers.

“We foster to serve kids. It’s part of our passion and life purpose. So, why limit to a certain age range?” – Jennifer Warawa

No matter the age, every child deserves a family. All 14,000 children in Georgia’s foster care system deserve a safe, nurturing place to call home. That is why proceeds raised from the Duluth Donut Dash 5k directly benefit Wellroot Family Services who are actively serving both children and families in this space. Learn more about the Warawas and how Wellroot Family Services serves children in Gwinnett County and across North Georgia by Clicking Here! 

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